The story of Austin Bloom (so far)

The story of Austin Bloom (so far)

Published by Estee Austin on 20th Jul 2017

We were young.

So young when I think about it... and soooo naive.

I certainly didn't know I would be a florist 10 years or even 6 months before we opened a florist shop and - come to think of it - Stu, my husband, certainly didn't know his life would be filled with flowers!

It has been a big journey, and a very messy and beautiful one at that.

Before it all began I was working as a visual merchandiser and Stu was working as a system analyst. In 2012 we were living in Carey Gully in the Adelaide Hills and only just married. 

In October 2012 I had the idea of setting up a little flower shop at the white picket fence of The White House in Hahndorf. We 'popped up' every Sunday that spring. Into our little Corolla we squeezed in an old table, pots, buckets, wrapping paper, props and flowers of course. 

After that spring, people started to ask us to create their wedding flowers and thus it all began. 

It took a good 2 years before we opened our little shop in Balhannah, after much experimentation!

{Estee and Stu at the pop-up}

{The White House in Hahndorf}

The first 2 years in our Balhannah store were incredible, beginning in October 2014.  

It was an amazing space to create the core of Austin Bloom, its brand, offering and emotion.  

My background was glass design and graphic design, and I was out to design a new kind of floristry.  

We had some beautiful staff and friends assist in this gestation phase who helped to ground the basis of Austin Bloom and its offering.

{The original store front before renovation - photo by Elizabeth Rowe}

{Opening the door for the first time after renovation - photo by Jane Cameron}

{Looking into the Balhannah shop - photo by Jane Cameron}

In the August of year 2 (2016), we started expanding our services (mainly weddings, events and workshops at this stage) and found that logistically it was getting very difficult to keep driving up and down the hills collecting supplies. 

It was in the August of 2016 we found WOTSO WorkSpace, a co-working building in Flinders St where Stu had been working, with an empty and inspiring but very rough warehouse space full of potential but needing a lot of love and renovation!

With the Balhannah store still operating in the capable hands of our staff, Stu and I were working from the city in the dilapidated space, but this was a stepping stone to setting up our new CBD workspace which is absolutely beautiful and backs onto Ifould St. 

The past 6 months have been all hammer and tongs... literally. The building works have been intense, but soon there will be coffee brewing at the new 'First Order Coffee' cafe which will be set-up next to us inside the warehouse.

{In progress shot, preparing for Ten Eyewitness News weather report}

We can't wait for the public (you!) to start visiting!  

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our journey and we will show you around our new space.

We have stepped into a new era with Austin Bloom, the city era. The country era in Balhannah has sadly come to an end, saying goodbye to our gorgeous little shop just 2 weeks ago. 

We have every intention of bringing the same beauty and refined style into the city. 

We will be 3 years old in October since first opening our doors, and we are so grateful for the journey thus far.


We are stronger for all our team members and so lucky for all their support and love of the art form.

Well floristry, we didn't know you were coming for us but we sure have been blown away by you!